A Father's Day Greeting Card Like No Other!
Add Your Personalized Message
Insert A Favorite Photo.
In Your Own Words Tell Him How Much He Means To You
Say And Record "I Love You" To Dad With This Beautiful Keepsake
Father's Day Audio Greeting Card.

Audio greeting cards for any occasion or event are very cool!
On This page sample and purchase my pre-designed
recordable Mother's or Father's Day cards below.
It's more than a Greeting Card, it's a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime!
Or, Purchase my "blank audio greeting card" and design your own "customized"
Mother's Day or Father's Day greeting card for this special occasion!
With my Blank Card Audio Greeting Card you can completely personalize and design
your Mother's Day or Father's Day greeting card exactly as you envision it.
My Recordable Greeting Cards are easy to design!
My Father's Day greeting card with photo window inside
is where you can easily slip in a favorite photogragh.
Custom design and personalize A Father's Day audio greeting card,
add your own images, text fonts and a special photo,
then record 30 seconds of your personalized message to Mom or Dad
onto your audio greeting card from any sound source, voice, music or any sound clip you desire!
Or, choose from my variety of Free Singing Audio Clips that may perfectly suit your sentiments.
I am a professional singer, should you have something specific
you want to sing to your Father and have it recorded to your greeting card,
please call me directly and I'd be happy to help you with this!
I can also deliver audio singing clips to smart phones or as attachments to email.
My Audio Greeting Cards can record and playback up to 250 times.Your personalized voice message, song or sound clip plays every time the card is opened! Re-record your personalized message until you are satisfied with your recorded message, My Pre-Designed Father's Day Greeting Card image below is available for you to order now, this is a very popular image on my website! You will receive your Father's Day audio greeting card as shown in video window below. Fathers Day Greeting Card will be sent out as shown in video, click the image below to view it in real time. If you want a specific sound clip put onto your card you can record it yourself easily, or for something specific you have in mind, please call me directly! Want to design and personalize your own Father's Day Greeting Card? Use my blank audio greeting card, purchase "Blank" Audio Greeting Cards only at This Link .
Should you have any questions, please feel free to call me.
I'd be happy to answer them for you!

Sample My Pre-Designed Cards Below, Just Click On The One You'd Like To View!

Fathers Day Greeting Card Will Be Sent With No Inside Right Side Image unless requested

To View Your Father's Day Greeting Card As It Will Be Sent To You Watch The Video Below

Design & Personalize A Mother's Day or Father's Day Card Using My Blank Cards... see how

Fathers Day Card $6.99

Father's Day Audio Greeting Card.

Mothers Day Card $6.99

Mothers Day Greeting Card

View In Real Time Your Father's Day
Audio Greeting Card Below!

All Audio Clips On Our Cards Can Be Re-Recorded.

Have A Heart Greetings Can Record Any "Audio Clip" To Use For Your Card!

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