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Audio greeting cards for any special occasion or event are very cool! With our Blank recordable greeting card you can custom design, add sound and personalize a greeting card exactly as you envision it for any occasion or event you have in mind. Buy our audio greeting cards in bulk - 100 cards or more $3.25 per card plus shipping, envelopes included. Our Blank Greeting Cards are easy to design, design your own line and sell them yourself! There is a photo window inside our greeting cards where you may easily slip in a favorite photograph. Best of all, you can record a personalized message onto your greeting card from any sound source! Record your own voice or a sound clip, or choose from our variety of Free Singing Audio Clips that perfectly suit your sentiments.Your message plays every time the card is opened!
We no longer offer our pre-designed cards on this website other than the "Birthday and Friendship" audio greeting cards, but you can download any images on our website and print them out to use for your Blank Audio Greeting Cards! Custom printing and designing by us is available with orders of 100 audio greeting cards or more. Please contact us directly 1-800-655-7664 for more information and/or to make a purchase of 100 or more Blank Audio Greeting Cards with custom printing, thank you!

You yourself can create a Greeting Card for any occasion or event using our "Blank" audio cards that will really get their attention! Of course if you prefer, with your purchase of 100 audio greeting cards we can help you design a custom recordable greeting card from start to finish. Using your images, text and font, sound clip and ideas... we'll work with you in producing a "One-Of-A-Kind" Audio Greeting Card! Our greeting card design team has already produced beautifully designed "Hand Illustrated" greeting cards for many occasions available for you to download free within the categories below, just click on the appropriate card. You can record a special message and add photo's to any one of our audio greeting cards! If you cannot view "flash" files on your device, you can sample many of our cards using You Tube video's here. If you enjoy originality, high quality and artistically unique greeting cards, A Greeting Card that will leave a lasting impression, our audio greeting cards are for you! As well as being fantastic Greeting Cards, these cards are great for Promoting and Marketing yourself, product or service you provide. Use them as your business calling card. Check out our Marketing/Promotional Page for ideas!

All our pre-designed audio greeting card samples on this website began as a blank, no pre-design - no pre-recorded message, audio greeting card. These recordable greeting cards are the most designable greeting cards available anywhere! They can be completely personalized and customized to suit your occasion or event. We encourage you to Design An Audio Greeting Card Yourself, It's fun and easy to do! Go to our blank cards page Here. Or view and purchase our "audio" blank card below on this page. Remember, with your order of 100 audio greeting cards or more we can produce a custom made audio greeting card that is exactly for the occasion or special event you have in mind. Just give us a call to get the ball rolling! If you already have a greeting card you want to use... turn any ordinary greeting card and it's front image into a talking or singing greeting card, easily! Just use your greeting card image and apply it to our blank audio card and you are ready to go! View This Video for the details on how you can design, customize and personalize our blank audio greeting card yourself.
To see our blank audio greeting card in "Real Time" please view the video at the bottom of this page.
All our audio greeting cards come with an envelope and instructions on how to record your personalized message, your voice, music or a sound clip onto your card. If you have any questions at all please give us a call - There is always someone personally to take your call, and who would be happy to explain to you anything you'd like to know! 1-800-655-7664

Blank Card Design

Have a Heart Greetings Blank Audio Card - $3.99  Blank audio greeting card Design

Sample Pre-Designed Audio Greeting Cards Below. Clicking On Any Card Below Takes You To It's Category Page, View More Designed Greeting Cards And Feel Free To Download Any Images To Use For Your Blank Audio Greeting Card Purchase. Buy Our Blank Audio Cards at $3.25 per card! 100 minimum card buy


Romantic audio greeting cards personalized with music


Audio Holiday seasonal greeting cards


Personalized Wedding greeting cards - Wedding Accouncement


Personalized Party audio Invitations With festive designs!


Friends talking audio greeting cards


Birthday Greeting Cards Personalized audio wishing a happy Birthday

* Record A Message To Any Of Our Audio Cards - Your Greeting Plays Every time Card Is Opened

* 5 x 7 Recordable Audio Greeting Cards - Add Your Voice, a Music Clip Or Any Sound Clip

* Our Cards Are Push Button Record - Up to 30 Seconds Of Record Playback Audio

* Cards Deliver Good Sounding Audio - Re-Record Your Message Until You're Satisfied With It!

* With A Photo Window - Add A Favorite Photo Inside Any Of Our Greeting Cards

* Add Your Own Text Fonts, Images And Recording To Any Of Our Blank Audio Greeting Cards

* Choose From A Large Selection Of Free Audio Clips On This Website Available To Use For Your Cards

* Custom Printing With 100 Cards Or More Purchase. Box Of 100 Audio Greeting Cards $3.25 Per Card.

* Purchase Our Cards Now And Pay Later Using PayPal - Bill Me Later

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Keepsake gift! Treasured for a lifetime

Using our blank greeting card with no pre-designed artwork or recorded audio,
you can create a custom card for exactly what you have in mind!

Blank greeting cards are completely designable and the most personalized greeting card on earth!

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Watch as our company founder shows you how easy it is to create a one-of-a-kind,
unforgettable audio greeting card personalized with your voice or music!

New Year greeting card

Featured Greeting Card - New Year!

Say Happy New Year! Use this traditional song clip, or get personal and record a personalized message to express you feelings!

  • 5" x 7" hand crafted greeting cards
  • Record up to 30 seconds of audio onto the card.
  • Beautifully illustrated card fronts
  • Fully customizable with our blank cards

Price: $7.99